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Black RAPTOR DB25-1/4" TRS Studio Snake - Black
Black RAPTOR DB25-1/4" TRS Studio Snake - Black


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BLACK RAPTOR MOGAMI 2932 DB25-TRS Studio Snake - Black
Part Number: RAP2932-DB25-TRS-TFB-HDB
Availability: ** Custom Made Cable - Allow 2-5 days build time. **

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BLACK RAPTOR MOGAMI Series DB25-1/4" TRS 8-Channel Studio Snake

Every part of the RAPTOR DB25 Snakes was designed and selected to provide an unparalleled level of audio clarity, functionality, and durability. This is by far the best DB25 cable assemble we have designed and manufactured, and is one of the best end-to-end DB25 Snakes on the market.  

There are a lot of DB25 options on the market. What makes the RAPTOR DB25 Snakes unique - the RAPTOR DB25 Male connector. PAW has designed a DB25 connector specifically for the Pro Audio Industry which provides enhanced signal strength, a higher level of clarity, and superior durability. See photos for more details.

BLACK RAPTOR 2932 DB25-1/4" TRS 8-Channel Studio Snake Features:
  • Cable Length - Select cable length from drop down box. Please email if another length is required.
  • Fan Length (Please select the desired fan length from the drop-down box above.) For more information please see the "Fan" or "Cut-Back" information photo. Email if another "Fan" or "Cut-Back" Length is required.
  • Snake Brand/Model - MOGAMI w2932 Analog 8-Channel Studio Snake.
  • DB25 Connector - PAW RAPTOR High-Clarity DB25 Male Connector.
  • DB25 Hood - PAW Black RAPTOR Metal DB25 Hoods.
  • Thumbscrews - Large Heavy-Duty Thumbscrews to Ensure Secure Connections and Easy Installation.
  • Pin Configuration - TASCAM/Digidesign.
  • 1/4" TRS Plugs  - NEUTRIK X-Series NP3X-B 1/4" TRS Black & Gold Plugs.
  • TechFlex Braided Sleeving - Black. Other colors available - Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Purple. Please email to arrange the desired color(s).
  • Handcrafted custom assembly by Pro Audio Wiring - made in the USA.
Pro Audio Wiring - Custom Wiring Manufacturing:
  • Pro Audio Wiring (PAW) is a unique custom manufacturing solution for the Professional Audio Industry. PAW manufactures every single cable and project per order, so our clients receive exactly what they need. We do not list every cable, rack panel, snakes and cable configurations we design and manufacture. If you do not see what you need listed in our website, go to the Contact Us link which contains our phone number, email address, or you can use the Contact Form to send your project requirements. We will be happy to send you a detailed quote and information regarding your request.

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** Custom Made Cable - Allow 2-5 days build time. **
** Custom Made Cable - Allow 2-5 days build time. **


** Custom Made Cable - Allow 2-5 days build time. **