1. G&H Plugs High Clarity 1/4" TRS Black & Gold Plug
G&H Plugs High Clarity Series 1/4" TS Black & Gold Plug
G&H Plugs High Clarity Series 1/4" TS Black & Gold Plug

G&H Plugs High Clarity 1/4" TRS Black & Gold Plug

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G&H Plugs High Clarity Series 1/4" TRS Black & Gold Plug
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G&H PLUGS High Clarity Series 1/4" TRS Black & Gold Plug

Thanks to an issue with the Switchcraft 280 plug, and Switchcraft's lack of interest to solve the issues for Pro Co Sound assemblies, G&H Industries began in our home state of Michigan in 1987. Since our discovery of the company known for it's innovative copper technologies, we were immediately impressed with the sound quality and how well the plugs were manufactured. We have continued to use G&H Plugs in our custom cable assemblies to this day. 

G&H High Clarity Series Difference:
  • The G&H High Clarity Series Plugs OFC copper core extends from tip to the back of the plug and the "Hot" wire is soldered directly to the copper core.  
  • Fewer parts in the signal path and the OFC copper material used for the core - provides better conductivity and a higher level of clarity for the signal path.   
  • Made in the USA.
G&H Plugs High Clarity Series Plug Features:
  • Housing Opening Options - Select Housing size from drop down box above. 
  • OCF Copper Core material for highest conductivity.
  • 1/2" profile for highest packing density.
  • Tin plated ground for ease of soldering.
  • Solid brass housing for added plug protection.
  • Separately crimped ground that will not fail by coming loose.
  • "Hot" wire solders directly on the copper core for clearer signal transmission. 
  • Plugs Finish - Black Plated Housing & Gold Plated Plug.
Pro Audio Wiring - Custom Wiring Manufacturing:
  • Pro Audio Wiring (PAW) is a unique custom manufacturing solution for the Professional Audio Industry. PAW manufactures every single cable and project per order, so our clients receive exactly what they need. We do not list every cable, rack panel, snakes and cable configurations we design and manufacture. If you do not see what you need listed in our website, go to the Contact Us link which contains our phone number, email address, or you can use the Contact Form to send your project requirements. We will be happy to send you a detailed quote and information regarding your request.

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