Making changes to your workflow, equipment, and setup can be costly, that’s why now more than ever planning and exploring all your options first - can save you time and money. Having a deep understanding of how the pieces of the Pro Audio space and Pro Video space work, both independently and having the ability to bring both worlds together in harmony – is why we have made the following decision.

Pro Audio Wiring is very pleased to announce our partnership with HEARTBEAT PRODUCTIONS. This partnership will provide our clients with consulting and design services. From small sanctuary to mega churches, bedroom studios to commercial studios, the founder of HEARTBEAT PRODUCTIONS, Fady Gergis, has guided the path of many successful projects for churches and studios of all sizes.

With over 20 years owning and operating a successful recording studio, and 100+ album projects, Fady Gergis has a wealth of information and real-world experiences he brings to each consultation. Fady excels in being able to look at all the pieces of the project and have a thorough understanding of how the pieces operate together. From this understanding Fady is able provide real working solutions and options for your project.

Combining HEARTBEAT PRODUCTIONS in-depth knowledge of equipment, setup, usage, current trends in the industry, and Pro Audio Wiring’s manufacturing capabilities, we have assembled a great resource for those starting a new project, making changes to an existing setup, or wanting to review existing systems and operations.

Whether you are at the design stage or adding an new piece to existing system, HEARTBEAT PRODUCTIONS can assist your project in getting the most out of your equipment, setup, and workflow.

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